About me

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no less of enthusiasm". Winston Churchil

 My name is Jolanta Graham, originally from Poland where I played volleyball for 18 years. I was playing 5th best Polish Junior's National Volleyball Championship. In my senior year at high school (1996), we upgraded to the Professional Polish Volleyball League. During my education at the University of Lodz (1997-2002) I won two silvers and a bronze medal at the Indoor Volleyball Championship of Universities in Poland and a silver and bronze medal in the Beach Volleyball Championship of Universities. Also in my junior year at the University (2001) we represented the Polish Universities and took third in European Indoor Volleyball Championship. 2000-2005 I played in Professional  Volleyball League in Poland. Since 2006 I competing in East End Beach Tournaments on East Coast in USA and Indoor Palmetto Volleyball Tournaments.


In 2002 I graduated with a Master's Degree in Physical Education from Polish University, but my ambitions have pushed me to improve my different skills. My main goal was to come to the United States in order to improve my English and have lived in the United States on-and-off for 7 years. 


For couple years I was an assistant coach of the varsity volleyball team at Hilton Head Preparatory High School (SC) . That time the team placed first in the region. I was also helping at the Low Country Volleyball Club in Bluffton, SC. Current I am the Head Coach of Junior Varsity Volleyball Team at Hilton Head High School and training individuals professional volleyball skills.


My love for volleyball has developed a passion in sport psychology. Through sport psychology, I want to teach athletes how to achieve their fullest potential. Through my own experiences in a volleyball game, I believe we actually use 75% mental ability and the rest are physical skills. For this reason, I always like to look at the player not only as a performer, but for their potential.

Ability is what you are capable of doing!

Motivation determines what you do!!

Attitude determines how well you do it!!!



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